One priority must happen in order to open up the floodgates so all Lyme (ish) victims may receive proper recognition, their disability payments, and correct treatment:

1. REMOVAL of the falsified Lyme disease case definition AKA "Dearborn" -1994, and then the fraudulent two-tier Lyme testing (which misses 85% of neurological Lyme patients) would be eliminated

We must demand a criminal investigation, a congressional hearing and a prosecution.

The following includes a link to the criminal charge sheets and the free documentary, "Lyme Cryme"
Lyme Cryme: How it all Went Down

We're fighting for proper treatment and compassionate care at

Reputable Lyme Disease Testing 

(Do not rely on the fraudulent two-tier testing; Elisa and Western Blot, that the majority of doctors use)

IGeneX, Inc. Lab for lyme disease & co-infection testing

Advanced Laboratory Services

ArminLabs (in Germany)


If you were told that you tested negative on the standard Lyme two-tier test, please file a complaint. If you were never given the option of having the two-tier test performed, you may still want to file a complaint. 

ACTION: Contact Medwatch to report how the U.S. government's two-tier borrelia (Lyme) testing protocol caused you intractable harm (delayed diagnosis, misdiagnoses, improper/no treatments, etc).
Let's flood Medwatch with as many of our reports as possible! If you deem that you or a loved one has been negatively affected by the CDC's two-tier Lyme testing protocol, please participate.
The more reports (complaints) that they receive, the more of a chance we have of forcing Medwatch to have to investigate this issue.

Use this MEDWATCH link to file your report:




Scientists who understand Lyme spirochetes and OspA are immunosuppressive


HP Redmond 



NIH's Martin and Marques (The NIH's "Lyme and MS" Division find that OspA-ish lipopropteins shed by borrelia all the time cause humoral immunosuppression with brain inflammation) 

CV Harding 

AE Medvedev 

RS Hotchkiss 

Justin Radolf on what else has OspA-sorta in it: 

Radolf saying OspA causes immunosuppression: 

Paul Duray 

Duray, talking about EBV transformed cells in the CSF of chronic Lyme victims: 

Duray, talking about immature immune cells in the CSF of chronic Lyme victims: 

Ray Dattwyler, et al (SUNY-SB) (unresponsive 

Benach: Borrelia wreck your brain: 

Cadavid: Borrelia wreck your brain: 

Gary Wormser on how the OspA vaccines in dogs didn't work and caused immunosuppression: 

Latovon on how OspA vaccination caused the same disease as chronic Lyme: 

Marks on how LYMErix caused the same disease as chronic Lyme: 

Mario Philipp on how Lyme and OspA causes immunosuppression with brain inflammation: 

OspA (or borrelia-shedding OspA on blebs) causes immunosuppression

An NIH patent, explaining how Lyme causes LYMErix-disease: 

"The invention relates to novel antigens associated with Borrelia burgdorferi which are exported (or shed) in vivo and whose detection is a means of diagnosing Lyme disease. The antigens are extracellular membrane vesicles and other bioproducts including the major extracellular protein antigen. Another object of the invention is to provide antibodies, monoclonal and/or polyclonal, labeled and/or unlabeled, that are raised against the antigens. A further object of the invention is to provide a method of diagnosing Lyme disease by detecting the antigens in a biological sample taken from a host using the antibodies in conventional immunoassay formats. Another object of the invention is to provide kits, for the diagnosis of Lyme disease, comprising the antibodies and ancillary reagents. The advantage of the antibodies used in the invention is that they react with the antigens from geographically diverse strains of Borrelia burgdorferi, but do not react with antigens from related Borrelia spirochetes.",217,872.PN.&OS=PN/5,217,872&RS=PN/5,217,872 

Gary Wormser reports global immunosuppression from OspA/Borrelia




Bugged About Ticks?

If you find ANY tick, put it in a ziploc bag with a blade of grass & a drop of water and mail it to:

Department of Entomology/Lyme Disease Project
436 Science Hall II
Ames, IA 50011-3222


230 peer-reviewed studies show evidence of persistent Lyme disease:

Peer Reviewed Evidence of Persistence of Lyme Disease Spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi and Tick-Borne Diseases 

The following is a list of over 700 peer reviewed articles that support the evidence of persistence of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.
It is organized into different categories—general, psychiatric, dementia, autism and congenital transmission.